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Addicted to Running

Just a 17 year old high school cross country runner..... and this is just a blog ranting about running and crazy workouts.. i hope no one follows this cause they will find it annoying as hell

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It’s a Long Road, Hwy 167 | California (by Bun Lee)


It’s a Long Road, Hwy 167 | California (by Bun Lee)

Mile repeats

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2 mile warm up and cool down
3x1 mile repeats
My legs felt like jelly after the first one and I just couldn’t get myself to go on the next 2.
Another bad workout 😑

Hill Workout from hell

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So today was hills and lets just say they sucked beyond belief.. I just couldn’t get up them

It might have been because yesterday i had legs in weight room, but still i should have been able to go faster!  I am so disappointed in myself! How to i ever expect to get any better or get onto varsity with these awful runs. 
I have to get ahold of myself and start running for real.

This is my senior year in highschool, and I want to run in college.  I need to get my act together NOW

Work Out Log #1 (8-27-13)

Note: I have been running all summer and this just happens to be a random attempt to start logging my training so i can look back… why am i doing it on tumblr… I have no idea… 

AT run 

         AT stands for “at threshold”, which means this should be only a little slower than race pace (a race being 5K)
-2 mile warm up 

-2.5 Mile AT run (Time: 17:30)

-2 mile cool down

     stretching before and after with core as well

Total: 6.5 miles

This wasn’t horrible but I am expecting to improve by about a minute… hopefully this improvement will come in less than 4 weeks.

Those runs when you seriously debate jumping in front of a car just because your so tired and in pain that you don’t want to continue… then you finish the run and want to do it again.  
Ya, I don’t get it either.

"It hurts up to a point and then it doesn’t get any worse."


This is so true


This is so true